ASPVA is proud to partner with the following institutions and organizations to put on our yearly events and programs:

Alisa’s Dance Academy

Alisa’s Dance Academy is the new home to ASPVA.  Dancers enrolled in ASPVA’s full-time, academic and fine arts program will earn credit on their transcripts from accredited dance courses through Alisa’s Dance Academy as well as the opportunity to participate in ten hours of dance courses during the school day.      

Zach Theatre

ASPVA and Zach Theatre have teamed up to provide exceptional opportunities for theatre arts students. All ASPVA theatre majors will have the chance to audition for Jennifer Young Mahlstedt, Zachโ€™s pre-professional coordinator and ASPVA Artistic Advisory Member. Once accepted, students will rehearse at Zach Theatre on Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons throughout the school year as well as attend masterclasses from Broadway professionals, culminating in a major spring production/rendition at Zach. Auditions are held in July and August, and there is no tuition cost to ASPVA students accepted into the Zach pre-professional program. Select ASPVA Musical Theater students may also take ballet classes at Zach on Tuesday evenings with ASPVA ballet instructor, Randall Marks.      

Austin Shakespeare

Austin Shakespeare has offered several roles to qualifying ASPVA drama students for Young Shakespeare productions. Selected students who meet audition requirements will have the unique opportunity to participate in 8 performances of a Shakespearean play inside The Curtain Theatre, a replica similar to Shakespeareโ€™s famous โ€œGlobe Theatre.โ€