ASPVA is so grateful to the individual and corporate sponsors who have helped us fulfill our mission since 2007.

Corporate Sponsors

American Campus Communities Dell Catalyst Eight
Launch 787 NSIDE Hill Country Galleria
Rebel with a Camera Austin Wedding Photography Infynit Media Group Stavis and Cohen Financial
Korcett ATX Event Systems D'Addario


Individual Sponsors

Jorge and Carol de Cardenas
Hans and Marlene Nieuwold
C.B. and Betsy Hudson
Amy’s Platinum Weddings
Ane Urquiola
Barbara Bent
Bruce and Holly Harris
Bruce and Joy Castner
Carl and H. Baxter Vitera
Casa De La Fuente
Cel and Thelma Beudeker
Central Christian Church
Chris and Jackie Uselton
Col. Robert and Gwen White
Computer Explorers
Cynthia Sewell
David and Cheryl Schmidt
David and Sheila Leech
David Stein
Donald and Jeannette Roller
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Hardner
Dr. and Mrs. Roy Sheffield
Dr. Christopher Adejumo
Earl and Betty Bryan
Els Buckingham
Emilio and Maria de Cardenas
Eric and Juanita Budd
Eric Suss
Eugenie Gaskin
Fancy Pants Photography
Faraday’s Kitchen
First In Last Out
Fossum Studios
Frames of Reference
Gatti Town
Gibson Guitar
Greta Olivas
Gudren S. Tucker
J. Ronald and Donna Jean Ferreri
James and Teresa Tracey
James Brown
Janet Wright
Jeanell B. Bolton
Jim Hopke
Jodi Conway Salyers
John and Joyce Stomp
John and Kendra Broderick
John and Susan Smith
John Fleming
John T. Fisher
John T. Lichetenthal
Jonathan and Adriana Graf
Jordan Karam
Kay and John Riley
Kenneth and Jeanie Royal
Larry and Bonnie Tippens
Laura Valentino Romero
Laurel Barrett
Linda Keratsopoulos
Maimy Fong
Mark Munsell
Marquee Event Group
Martha Rasco Calligraphy
Matt and Amy Mader
Matthew and Luisa Piette
Maurice and Christy Larrea
Maya Star
Melanie Beninga
Michelle Methvin
Nancy Hoover
Naomi Smith
Nathaniel Mayfield
Oscar Hernandez
Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church
Penguin Entertainment
Performing Arts Programs, Inc.
Pete and Michelle Zogas
Quattro Gallery, David Sackmary
Randall and Jeanne Marie Marks
Raul and Donna Trujillo
Richard and Kathleen Magill
Ro Diaz
Rob and Heather de Cardenas
Robbin Robertson Polter
Robert Hurst
Robert Mayfield
Robert Schneider
Robin Jackson Photography
Roseanna Auten and Roland Swensen
Salon U
Shelli Rubin
Shoeless Entertainment
Simon Lee Bakery
Stavis and Cohen Financial, Inc.
Steinway Piano Gallery
Stephen and Gwen Kinney
Stephen and Maron Burke
Susan K. Cage
The American Repertory Ensemble, Choreographer Grace Holmes
The Wine Trader
Thelma and Cel Beudeker
Tom and Susie Eaves
Transportation Consultants
Trey Gillespie
“U Better Sing”
Vella Event and Décor
Verde’s Mexican Parilla
Vintage Villas, Thomas Porter
Wachovia Bank
Wilbur and Lynn Chapman
William and Barbara White
Willy Mattes